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Juli is a certified Happy for No Reason Trainer


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“Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your own actions.” Dalai Lama

How would you like to wake up happy every morning? Juli wholeheartedly believes that all of us deserve, and have a right, to be happy regardless of our circumstances. Her lively presentation of Marci Shimoff’s  Happy for No Reason program delivers a powerful punch and offers participants an opportunity to laugh, connect with other joy-seekers, and discover a treasure chest full of empowerment tools. Her purpose is to inspire in each person a desire to cultivate a lifestyle of happiness, wonder and contentment.  

Presentations customized to suit your specific audience & budget, starting at $75

21 Ways to Raise Your Happiness Set-Point - picture of book cover

In the Happy for No Reason Workbook you’ll find material that will help support your growth and help you raise your happiness set-point. Included in this Happy for No Reason Workbook are the:

  • 21 Ways to Raise Your Happiness Set-Point
  • The Happy for No Reason Questionnaire
  • Happiness Quotes from Happy for No Reason

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