Painting for Joy


 There are only two modes of operation in life: survival mode and creative flow. 
How do you want to live your life?
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Step into positive energy, tap into your intuition, imagination and playful inner child

As a passionate artist, Juli believes that we are all creative beings. She is eager to share the joy and satisfaction that creating and completing a personal piece of artwork brings. A safe space is provided for participants to freely immerse themselves. This is not an art class, and there are no expectations or judgment, just release and flow. Juli’s goal is to manifest happiness, contentment and calm, while awakening people to new perspectives and possibilities they hold within.

Introspective Painting Parties

Let time stop while you experience the joy of creative flow!

Tune into your soul and express yourself without words, through color, shape, light and shadows. We form a circle of creative energy that ignites our innate power of self-healing. We set an intention, relax our minds through sound, and allow ourselves to playfully explore. No artistic experience is required, and all art supplies are provided.

Prices starting at $45 per person for 2 hour event. Includes saniotized supplies.

Chakra-Energy-Art Workshop

Give yourself a gift and take a retreat from the busy world. Explore Chakra Energy Art through this creative and introspective journey of self-discovery using art, color, shape, shadows, sound, movement and meditation. This activity offers you an opportunity to:

  • Express your creative spirit
  • Restore and balance your energy
  • Empower your self-awareness, personal growth and life path

4 hr events starting at $60 per person. Includes sanitized supplies.

Capture Your Best Memories Through Custom Art

What lasting memories do you want to enjoy? Who do you want to remember with a personalized and unique gift? I am honored with the opportunity to customize and paint a beautiful work of art, to your speccifications, from your favorite photos or images. Every brush stroke is filled with positive intention and infused with loving energy for your contentment and joy.

Starting at $150, Sizes and prices vary.