Drumming for Joy

Drum Circles for Community, Connection, Self Expression, Fun and Healing

drum circle fun

Drumming for Joy is the home of a not so traditional drum circle experience where you can:

  • Engage your Inner Rhythm through Sound, Movement & Intention
  • Receive Energy, Empowerment, Support & Love
  • Spark Creative Flow & Positive Thinking

Let us bring you to the beauty of the present moment and kindle your joy!

facilitated drum circle

When we think of drums, music and recreation often come to mind. Historically, drums were created and used by many cultures for healing and ceremonial purposes, as well as to communicate, signal activity, and coordinate/energize soldiers. While many of today’s drum circles are mostly recreational in nature, my drums call me back to the greater purpose of their healing origins.

The Drumming for Joy circle is a facilitated activity that offers a portal to transformation that invites us to evolve individually and collectively while giving us a platform for self-expression. Juli can customized the event to reflect your specific theme or intention to
uplift and support your group, or deliver a call to action.

You can view the video below if you click the “Learn More” button.

Populations served: wellness & retreat centers, family parties, book clubs, church groups, youth groups, schools, park districts, private specialty groups, stroke recovery groups, pain management groups, nursing homes.

Event Pricing:

  • 5-10 people 1 hr. $150
  • 10-20 people 1 hr $250
  • 20-40 people 1 hr. $300

Please contact us for special non-profit and fundraising rates.

Accreditations and Trainings:
Member DCFG Drum Circle Facilitators Guild since 2016
Drum Circle facilitator training: Village Music Circles
HealthRhythms facilitator training: Remo
Drumming for Peace and Conflict Resolution: Christine Stevens, Upbeat Drumming
Member of New World Drumming Performance Group