Supporting wellness through sound, energy, rhythm, movement, creativity and Spirit.

“Sound will be the medicine of the future” Edgar Cayce

Sound is a sacred portal to your inner creative power, intuition, innate self-healing & connection to Spirit

Sound, frequencies and vibration have been harnessed for healing by many cultures for centuries. We know certain types of music can make us feel happy or sad, elevate our energy or mellow us out.

When used with intention, sound is a powerful healing tool that influences and entrains our heart, mind, body, and spirit. Juli’s personal recovery from extended illness came after receiving and experiencing sound healing and has led her here to serve you.

Through sound, you too can experience optimum health and energy!

Sound Baths for Relaxation, Release & Transformation

Sound Baths are meditative and use sound waves created by instruments such as crystal singing bowls, chimes and gongs, and can be enjoyed either seated or laying down. The vibrations embrace your whole being and allow you to release thoughts, melt stress, and forget worries.

Scientific reseach shows the therapuetic effects can lower blood pressure, decrease the pulse rate, and regulate the parasympathetic nervous sysem related to digestion and metabolism. Sound vibrations also release stuck emotions and blocked energy. The results are caling, restorative, as well as awakening and transformative. Available for groups and also privately for individuals. (Adhering to social distancing policies)

Please contact Juli to request a quote for a group sound bath.

Tuning Fork Therapy for Wellness & Restoration: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

Are you ready for some good vibrations? Do you want to feel really good? Access the ancient art of Sound Healing through Acutonics(R) Integrated Healing System to stimulate your innate healing properties, re-align your body’s natural harmonic balance, balance your chakras and energy field, and restore your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Acutonics(R) is rooted in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and uses tuning forks, instead of needles, on Acupuncture Points/Meridians. Tuning forks are also around the body in the bio-field for emotional and energetic balancing. Additional sound frequencies are layered in, and use of Harmonic Essential Oils enhance the overall experience.

Healing instruments such as Crystal Alchemy and Tibetan singing bowls, drums, rattles, bells, chimes, gongs, flutes and voice are used as well as movement, meditation, affirmations and essential oils to support you and assist with integration.

Remote Holistic Healing

Are you struggling to thrive? What hurts? Where is your energy stuck? How do you feel about your body, and about your life? Juli’s mission is to help you tap into your body’s wisdom and activate your innate healing power. Through intuition, energy, sound, vibration and movement, her intention is to guide you to wholeness of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Energy healing has no boundaries, is effective anywhere, and can be recieved from the comfort of your home, over zoom. Distance healing offers deep restoration, mental clarity, emotional balance and intuitive insights that complement (not replace) traditional medical care.

Attuned to Spirit, Juli summons for healing grace to flow where ever it is needed – for spiritual healing, emotional support, grounding, stress relief, or changing thought patterns. It is through balancing these energetic elements that we can restore our body’s state of flow and ease

Qigong: Mindful Movement for Healing Energy

Qigong is an ancient healing art for cultivating and vitalizing your energy. It includes gentle movement, posture, breathwork, meditation, self-massage and healing sounds. It is siutable for all ages and physical challenges, and can be done standing, seated or lying down.

Juli believes that movement is healing and includes Qigong in her healing work and programs. Movement and flexibility stengthens the body and mind, releases blocked energy and stuck emotions.

Juli offers private Qigong coaching and will customize a program for your specific goal.

Research shows benefits include grounding, stress relief, reduced depression and anxiety, increased energy flow, and improved sleep. It is vitalizing and healing for all body systems and organs including heart health. It calms the mind and emotions, balances the chakras and promotes longevity. But be forwarned, it is addictive. Your body will feel so good, it will crave Qigong every day!

Please contact Juli to schedule a private group Qigong party

Drumming for Joy: Drum Circles to Awaken Your Healing Rhythms

Ancient cultures had the wisdom to use drums for healing and ceremonial purposes. While many of today’s drum circles are recreational in nature, my drums call me back to the greater purpose of their healing origins.

Drumming offers a portal to transformation that invites us to evolve individually and collectively, while giving us a platform for self-expression. The rhythms natually entrain our body, mind and heart, so that our body systems synchronize in harmony with each other.

Juli incorporates drumming and drum baths in her sound healing work. She facilitates “HealthRhythms”, a group drumming protocol developed through research, to support wellness, activate healing, and promote community in a group setting.