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Juli is a testament to the compassion and care of the empathetic healer

Juli is a testament to the compassion and care of the empathetic healer. I have personally benefited from the insights given during our session, wherein she was able to acknowledge my fears, validate my own power, and provide grounding truths that aided my processing towards self-awareness. I see her direct experience with self-healing, from which she guides others, as a source of her power and strength. In our work together, I always felt confident in her methods and knew her guidance directly contributed to my own healing and self-reliance. In whatever means you work with Juli, I know that you will feel her presence and find it to be supportive mentorship towards your highest achieving self.

Brendan Boland

Very freeing & exhilarating experience!

Very freeing & exhilarating experience! I didn’t know what to expect, but I thouroughly enjoyed this experience and would recommend it to anyone and would do it again.

Gwen J.

I feel energized

I came very tired and feel energized.

Laura Even

It was very therapeutic

It was very therapeutic. I felt a great release.

Jo-Ellen R.

beautiful and refreshing

It was a beautiful and refreshing experience. Thanks Juli!

Francine B.

Thank you so very much

Thank you so very much for offering your monthly Choose to Be Happy sessions! The first session was warm, informative and fun, and my body felt much less stressed by session’s end. I was so happy and relaxed my shoulders literally dropped two inches from their previous position! I look forward to learning more techniques for improving health and happiness at your next session.

Caryn Arling

Inspiring and uplifting!

Inspiring and uplifting!

Brigit Tamulionis

Very informative and insightful!

Very informative and insightful!


Juli offers a gift of positive vibes!

Juli offers a gift of positive vibes! She prepares, leads and engages the class. I am so happy to be participating in this joyful zoominar. Thank you Juli! You make my day/week/month!!


Wonderful class and instructor!

My family and I attended Juli’s “Awaken the Healer Within” class at The Journey’s Path. Juli was a wonderful instructor, offering guidance and explanation along with the qigong movements and meditative practices. She is very knowledgeable and her class was both relaxing and uplifting!

Kathi C.

Tuning Fork Therapy showed immediate results!

I didn’t expect to be constipated for my first Tuning Fork Therapy session, but I was, and it was once-every-10-years awful. Fortunately, I mentioned my condition to Juli at the start of our session, and she quickly drew up a treatment protocol to help. I was skeptical, but halfway through the treatment I had to excuse myself to poop. After we finished the session I was off to the bathroom again for some long overdue relief. Although this could have been coincidence, the timing and natural effectiveness of the Tuning Fork Therapy suggests that the treatment itself somehow helped my body activate or realign energy to correct an imbalance. I’m looking forward to seeing what else this therapy can accomplish!


Quit Smoking through Tuning Fork Therapy, Having Fun with Qigong & Native American Flute Classes…..

I had not tried any type of alternative options for healing or making changes in my life until now. I’m grateful that I did.  After a tuning fork session with Juli the treatment was so deeply relaxing! I feel physically better and mentally unblocked and free of stress.    I have tried on and off for 40+ years to quit smoking –  I had been unsuccessful. Juli treated me with tuning forks for a series of sessions with the intention of quitting smoking. With the treatment and a lot of positive support I was able to quit smoking!

I also attend Juli’s Qigong classes and a Native American Flute class that Juli teaches. I enjoy all of the classes and love playing my flute. Juli is positive, caring and a great teacher.. She has brought a great deal of healing and fun to our community.

Lynne C.

Lynne Corgatelli


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