From Passion to Purpose to Joy, an inspirational Zoominar

What makes you come alive? What gives your life meaning? Join Juli as she holds a discussion with life-coach Rebekah Strider, about how discovering our passion and living a life inspired by purpose brings us joy and fulfillment.


Happiness is Living a Life of Purpose

As a certified Happy for No Reason Trainer, and author in the book “Dare to Be Authentic Vol. 6 – Finding Your Purpose”, Juli believes that we all have a purpose in life. Aligning with our purpose brings us satisfaction, meaning and joy. Doing what we love, will help us love what we do, and enables us to share our joy and inspire others.

Juli has invited Rebekah Strider, who also works to bring joy to others, to share her wisdom on this topic. Rebekah will be offering “a broader perspective as it relates to aligning ourselves vibrationally with the deserving of those things we desire, and how to lean into more pleasure in the process of receiving them.”

Come join us-this is a great way to get started with your intention for 2022!





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